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CNC Machines for Efficient Wedding Band Production

RINGTECH is proud to announce our partnership with VIOLI S.R.L.

This collaboration allows us to present a complete solution to band manufacturing.

Violi's expertise in precious metal handling from casting to reclamation, allows us to

provide the most comprehensive array of equipment for our customers needs.

Total Control Environment

  • Produce 1 Band or 100 Bands

  • Simple Bands to Complex Designs

  • Easy to Use

  • Easy to Program

  • Fast, Efficient & Friendly Interface

  • Easy Chip Reclamation & Recycling

  • Millions of Possible Design Variations

  • Diamond Cut Finishes

  • SQL Database Linkable


  • Complete Turnkey System

Creative Tooling Solutions


Integrated Ideas

Design Integrity and Accuracy

All RTL-series Machines are now CE certified for sale in the EU.

Posalux Diamond Tools

CNC machine tools for efficient wedding band production in precious and non precious materials

RingTech® machine tools delivers turnkey systems for manufacturing unique wedding rings and high quality eternity bands and other jewelry products.

RingTech has developed a unique software package "RingTurn v6", allowing an inexperienced operator to step up to a machine and quickly create beautiful, high quality bands. 

Our CNC machine tools include everything jewelry manufacturers need for manufacturing rings, from machines and tooling to quality training and support.

If you are a manufacturing jeweler wanting to use or are using cnc machine tools we can help improve your process.

Some of the materials that can be processed include Titanium, Cobalt Chrome, Inconel, Gold, Platinum, Palladium, Silver & carbon fiber.

Integrated Ideas

Ringtech CNC Machine Tools