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This video shows the layout of the LCD screen on a FAGOR 8055I control as used on an RTL series machine

This video shows how the RingTurn V6 software enables even an inexperienced operator to turn, drill and mill hundreds of wedding band designs and variations. 

This tutorial covers the ring inspection screen

in the user interface

This video show how to offset tools using the tool offset page within the user channel

Tutorial Videos

This video explains how to create a new program for a ring profile using our unique software interface.

Thank you for taking the time to watch our tutorial videos.

They show how to use the control and machine in short video format, making owning an RTL series machine even easier.

Tutorial Videos

This video shows the basics of our user interface for operation of the machine

This shows the components of the 27mm adaptable spindle

This tutorial explain the power up procedure and operation of the operator panel