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Top 5 Questions we are asked :

RingTurn Software

  • Is it easy to use ?

  • Can I use CAD-CAM programs ? 

  • Can I use an RTL machine with no CNC experience ?

  • Can I use the same program with multiple different materials ?

  • Is training included ?

Click on the arrow to watch the software in action.

Technology screens abound, designed to make entering data for cutting easy and reliable.

We even have custom buttons assigned to different materials, so changing material is as simple as pressing a button.

Screens can pre-calculate diamond dimensions prior to creating a program.

Ring size screens will display the current dimensions of a wedding ring.

Each ring can have multiple operations added -grooving, drilling, design milling, and stone pocket milling can be accomplished quickly and easily.

Executing an external CAD-CAM program can be added to the operation list.

Pockets for stone drilling and milling are defined with: Princess or Baguettes, Princess at 45 degrees, Round or Brilliant, Trillions (4 directions) North/South/East/West.

Mill designs offer a wide list of choices. Custom designs can be added to extend capabilities.

Numerous patterns can be defined by adjusting variables.

Next, you will enter the size, thickness, width and other related parameters for each ring. The screen highlights that data needed and prompts with help notes to guide an inexperienced user.

These screen shots show how you easily enter data and step through the software to produce an executable program that can be stored for immediate and future use:

From the first screen to the last, you are using a graphic interface to answer simple questions. In this first screen shot, the software is asking if you are using tube or blanks or doing internal work?

In screen two, you are selecting the type of ring you want to turn.

The profile page shows all of the choices.

Introduction to RingTurn Software 

  • High degree of flexibility in ring sizes and shapes

  • Easy to learn and use

  • Software is built into CNC controller, no external computer is needed

  • Can run standard G code programs for complex CAD-CAM designs.

  • Produce rings in all international sizes

  • Widths from 1mm thru 20mm

  • Ring thickness from 0.3mm to 6.0mm

  • Can use multiple live tools for drilling & milling capability

RingTurn Software is Designed for Ease of Use

Based on user feedback, we have created a simple, but very detailed solution to wedding ring programming.

Each design features questions related to the wedding bands specific requirements.

Any profile can have any design milled into it.

Stone milling designs can be included in any profile and mill design.

Unique mill designs can be created for your specific wedding bands.