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Comfort fit Sleeve

Concave Center PRofile

The RTL-Series lathes provide turning and milling features adding a level of band customization limited only by the imagination.

The system uses popular designs based on global styles in the industry.

With the addition of milling capability and stone pocket milling, the discerning jewelry manufacturer has an array of truly astounding design possibilities at their fingertips.

Every design can be made from: 1.0mm wide to 20mm wide. From size 0 to size 22. With the correct holding devices we can even turn and mill bangle designs.

There are 46 basic turned profiles, which can be modified into thousands of different shapes. These shapes can be grooved, milled, drilled or all three.

We also provide instruction to create the programming necessary for unique custom designs. ALL of the bore profiles can be used on any design.


Design 424

2  Step

Knife Edge Profile

2 piece shell  Threaded

Half Dome

Design 423

1 Piece Shell

Half Step

Flat Edge Domed Center
  • Any grooving tool can be used to create grooves for 2 tone or for millgrain.

  • Multiple tools can be used on the same design.

  • Any profile can have grooving added.

Design 421

Reverse taper with Lip

Concave Center With Flat

Dome with Raised Dome

Groove Examples

Design 412

Domed Edge Dome Center

Stepped Shell

Angled Edge

Dome with Flat

Mill Grain Domed
Design 419
Domed With Radius Edge

Turned Designs

Thin Sleeve for Wood Rings

Bevel Edge Concave Center

Dome Edge Knife

Hooped Profile


Design 411

Tangent Dome with Flat

2 piece shell  (locking)

Shell & 2 piece Examples

Design 420

Domed with Concave Center

Concave Center Domed

Thin Sleeve

Flat Top Blank

Stepped Shell with Lip

Domed Edge Flat Center

Flat Edge Recessed Dome

Design 409