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Turret Tooling

RTO-2021  Posalux Tool Holder

These holders clamp a standard Posalux type diamond tool. 2 4mm screws allow for precise center height location.

The turret is designed to accommodate standard 3/8" Square & 3/4" diameter tool holders.

Tooling specific to the jewelry industry include mill grain holders and Posalux tool holders.

The tools listed are manufactured in the USA by Ringtech.

RTO-89010   ER16 Collet Holder

ER16 Collet holders are used for holding small drills & boring bars when you need to machine small parts. Tool is 3/4" diameter and no adaptor is needed.

The ER16 collet system is a proven system for precise holding of round tooling, providing an accurate alignment of small diameter tools up to 10mm (3/8")

RTO-880---  Reducer Bushing

These bushings provide a method of clamping small boring bars or tools. The bushes are available in 1/4", 5/16", 8mm, 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 16mm

The 8mm & 3/8" bushes are available with an extended nose to provide support for our small boring bars.

RTO-2023  Mill Grain Roller Tool Holder (1/8")

These holders clamp a standard 1/8" square mill grain roller.

2 M4 set screws provide clamping.

RTO-1000  Square Tool Holders

 These holders clamp the tool with a single 8mm screw, providing rigid clamping with easy use.