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CNC machines for efficient wedding ring production


This picture clearly shows the 42mm spindle, Tool changer, Heavy duty drilling tools and an NSK axial live spindle for face drilling & Milling.


Tube Feeder

RTL-4000 CNC Turn, Drill, Mill & Facet in 1 Setup 

The RTL-4000 is a 4 axis Mill Turn Lathe.

It is a complete solution for turning and milling wedding bands, bangles, watch components, and metal molds.

The system can be customized to produce Parts from:


  • Tubing
  • Solid Bar & Rectangle Bar
  • Cast Blanks
  • Roll Formed Blanks
  • Bangle Size Blanks

The RTL-4000 is equipped with a 40,000rpm high speed spindle, 18 position tool changer and a 20 position servo turret to provide a wide range of tooling options to meet the most demanding needs.


The base machine can be used to machine blanks or add the tube feeder and part catcher with conveyor to allow for unattended machining of rings from tubing.

(max tube length 850 mm / 30")




  • 4 axes of motion - X,Y, Z, and C

  • Compact footprint (1.6Mx 1.1M)

  • Fast rapids for reduced cycle times

  • Fagor 8055i control and servo system

  • C axis for rotary milling

Each machine can be customized to meet your specific needs.

4 Axis cnc Mill-Turn Center for 

Complex Stone Designs & Faceting

Hard Material Drilling