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Internal Machining Collets

Ringtech manufactures all of our collets in the USA on Ringtech equipment

Our Internal machining collets sets are produced in US size in 39 sizes, & UK or AU letter and 1/2 sizes.E-Z+8


  • All collets are engraved for size

  • Collet exterior dimensions are made to fit a standard "Benzinger style" collet cup & spindle.

  • Minimum outside diameter is 16.4mm

  • Maximum outside diameter is 30.6mm

  • Different depth collets are available 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm & 8mm

  • CNC made so all dimensions are accurate for repeatability.

  • Made from brass for durability.

  • Each collet set includes a collet cup.

  • Each collet set includes a powder coated collet rack.

Internal Machine Collets

Extended Depth External Collets

We are seeing a greater interest in alternative metal rings, especially in 2 piece designs.

These designs are often in widths greater than 8mm.

To allow internal operations to be completed on rings wider than 8mm we have developed an external collet that is deeper than the standard Benzinger style collet.

This collet has an 8mm deep step that can hold rings in widths from 8mm up to 15mm.

This collet system is designed to reduce the overhang of the standard depth systems, thus eliminating the possibility of deforming the rings by holding on the very end of the collet as can be seen in the middle example to the right.

If you have any interest in these collets please contact us for delivery schedules.