Homing Sensor (RTE-10080)

This sensor is used for the Y axis & turret homing and turret locked inputs.

Sensor Cable (RTE-10022)

This 2.5 meter cable is the standard cable for the Y axis and turret sensors. The cable connects to a terminal block for easy replacement.

Proximity Sensor (RTE-01028)

This sensor is used for the barfeed retract & end of bar, and also

‚Äčthe door open cylinder for the tool changer.

Main Drive Belt  (RTM-01309)

This is a 3 rib solid belt. 

24 volt Relay (RTE-00003)

All of the relays for the electrical system use 24volt switched relays.

This relay block can be switched out in seconds. 

(Does not include relay body)

Spindle Encoder Belt (RTM-01141)

This is a timing belt for the main spindle encoder.

Proximity Sensor (RTE-21016)

This sensor is used for the barfeed lock input.

Maintenance Parts

All machines require maintenance, and all machines have consumable parts that need replacing over time.

This section lists the common parts that we keep in stock to provide support for all RTL series machines.