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The Y axis allows Hi-Lo designs to be milled, this is a small sample of shapes that can be made.

These pictures show face faceting using 50mm diameter cutters.            These designs are based on flat and angled cutters.

We are being asked for more and more faceted designs, These use Ball cutters or V cutters to generate these effects.

Our stone pocket cycles provide standard stone shapes and the ability to place them in patterns on any ring profile.

The RTL-4000 Y axis allows off center milling, this allows you to use faceting cutters to diamond cut designs in to any profile.

Using drilled cycles, slotting cuts and stone grooving, so many eternity band designs are possible. 1 row of stones or 10 rows. Add Hi Lo profiles with tapers.

Greek key designs are always popular, we can mill the full design or mill a reverse design in any profile.

Create micro engraved designs around the outside edge of the ring.

Greek Key with stone grooves

These geometric designs are a cross section of the milling capability build into the machine

These designs are based around simple slotted geometry in 3 directions. circular, horizontal or angled.

These designs are based around a group of programs that use curved lines to surround the outside of the rings. Single, 2 lines parallel, 2 curves intertwined,4 curves intertwined add drill holes for stones.

Each style can be manipulated with # of curves from 1 to 100, the shapes can be offset from center, or spaced apart to create wave rings. These images are a cross section of what is possible, not all that the programs can do.

We are always developing new ideas and designs, these images are a cross section of what can be done with RingTurn software for our RTL-3000 & RTL-4000 machines.

‚ÄčThese designs are parametric and can be adjusted and modified into millions of variations.

With CAD-CAM any design can be created and uploaded to the machine.

The range of designs possible is limited only by your imagination.

Milled Designs