At RingTech, our goal is to provide, for a reasonable investment, the best technologies available to the jewelry industry.
We offer strong customer support and respect for the people who are our customers.
RingTech was formed in 1997 to assist the jewelry industry in the technology move from bench to CNC machinery.
Our team of engineers has a wide range of experience in electrical, mechanical, and design.
We started in the aerospace, medical & defense industries, and brought the idea of reasonable cost, local sourcing, and high levels of technical support to the jewelry industry.

‚ÄčOur loyal RingTech customers have proven that our ideas and technologies work for them.
We offer the lowest machined cost per ring production methods in the Industry. Located and built in the USA,
we have installed systems all over the world.

Contact us for more information or for jewelry industry references.

We are located at:

2909 N 112th Ave.
Avondale, AZ 85392 U.S.
Phone: 01-623-209-8912 (voice and fax)

Toll Free : 01-844-RINGTECH (746-4832)

RINGTECH is a Division of TURNEY CO INC 

an ARIZONA Corporation

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