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A Complete System:

  • Machine

  • Tooling

  • Programming

  • Training

  • Support

Precious Materials We Can Machine:

  • Gold

  • Paladium

  • Platinum 600

  • Platinum 950

  • Silver

Alternative Materials We Can Machine:

  • Titanium

  • Zirconium 

  • Cobalt Chrome

  • Inconel

  • Tungsten (Not Tungsten Carbide)

  • Tantalum

  • Aluminum (Sizing Rings)

  • Brass (Sample rings)

  • Stainless Steel

  • ​Damascus Steel

We don't sell stock machines that you have to make work for your operation. Instead, each machine can be customized to meet YOUR needs!

We offer 2 axis (RTL-2000), 3 axis (RTL-3000), and 4 axis (RTL-4000) configurations

                            (click on the links to learn more about each model)

RTL Series Machines

RTL Series CNC Lathes

RingTech has developed a complete and economic solution for wedding band production.

The system can be customized to produce rings from:

  •  Tubing
  •  Solid Bar (Titanium, cobalt Chrome etc)
  •  Cast Blanks
  •  Roll Formed Blanks
  •  Bangle Size Blanks

Over the past twenty three years, we have refined the process of using CNC machines to produce turned and milled or drilled and milled ready to set wedding rings.

Our unique RingTurn V6™ software is a customizable system that allows our customers to specify the rings or bangles they want to make quickly and easily.

We supply all the training and accessories you will need for efficient and consistent wedding band operation using a CNC lathe.



  • Vertical table design allows flexible tooling options and ease of use
  • Multiple tooling options
  • 27mm or 42mm Spindle capacity
  • Compact footprint (2m x 1.4m)
  • Fast rapids for reduced cycling times
  • 2, 3, and 4 axis configurations
  • Fagor 8055i control and servo system