Extended Depth External Collets

We are seeing a greater interest in alternative metal rings, especially in 2 piece designs.

These designs are often in widths greater than 8mm.

To allow internal operations to be completed on rings wider than 8mm we have developed an external collet that is deeper than the standard Benzinger style collet.

This collet has an 8mm deep step that can hold rings in widths from 8mm up to 15mm.

This collet system is designed to reduce the overhang of the standard depth systems, thus eliminating the possibility of deforming the rings by holding on the very end as can be seen in the middle example to the right.

If you have any interest in these collets please contact us for delivery schedules.

The16C collet system provides 42mm of bar or tube capacity along with the all the features of the 27mm system.

Adaptors allow collets in 16C or 5C sizes and external and internal gripping collets for blank machining to be used.

Fast changeover, ensures no loss of time when running small batches of rings.

42mm Capacity System

We developed this system for the needs of the jeweler who wanted greater spindle capacity without going to a larger machine footprint.

The system can be retrofitted to all RingTech machines with A2-4 spindles.

Watch this video for a demonstration of the Adaptable Spindle System

This adaptable spindle system combines the 3 configurations needed to machine wedding bands, coupled with an on machine probing system. The machine can automatically locate the reference position for a new blank or tube. The system includes: spindle nose, adapter plate, adapters for 5C collets, 12 mm arbor, and all necessary hardware. *Does not include inside or outside collets. External collet sets in 1/2 sizes and 1/4 size sets are available. Internal collets in 39 collet sets between 16.4 mm and 29.9 mm are also available. All collets are made in the USA.


At RingTech, we have developed a collet system that allows quick changeover from tube collets to blank collets to outside collets, in less than 2 minutes per change.

Adaptable Spindles (27mm and 42mm) 

27mm System

The 27mm Adaptable Spindle System allows the use of tubing or collets for different operations:

  • Tube machining with 5 C collets
  • External machining of blanks with collets
  • Internal machining of blanks with collets