Tube Feeder 500mm

Chip control is of maximum importance when machining precious metals.

We created the coolant fed tube feeder to allow coolant to flow through the spindle and tube, flushing out chips and providing full coolant use when boring.

This feeder is completely integrated into the machine interface.

Tube max length is 500mm.

The pusher assembly can be easily serviced and features a replaceable plastic tip that guides the material and helps prevent spindle vibration and loss of finish on the rings.

Tube remnants are kept to a minimum by carefully designing the tip and assemble to be compatible with the collet system.

The tube feeder is secured to the machine casting with an attachment bracket, this ensure a rigid connection to the machine with no loss of alignment,

The alignment is accomplished with threaded adjusters so that an accurate position is set.

When using precious metals we came to a simple conclusion, the materials are expensive and so is real estate, so we developed a compact tube feeder to meet the needs of our customers.


The length is designed to accommodate the spindle length of 800mm.

After consulting with our customers it became quickly apparent that most tube is sold in 300mm & 600mm lengths. This set the criteria for the unique and exclusive RingTech tube feeder. This showcases our commitment to bring the right products to you, not just go out to the community and sell what is available (and not designed for your needs).

Tube Feeder 800mm