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Chip Handling


CNC machines for efficient wedding band production

Internal Collets

Adaptable Spindle

This external tank features 2 baffles that slow the flow of coolant and provide gravity traps for fine chips.

The settling tank is on castors so that t can be easily cleaned.

The tank features 2 drain plugs to allow coolant to be drained from the 2 separate compartments. The chip pan is made from stainless steel to prevent corrosion. 

The sloped pan and open area allows chips to be cleared without stopping operation of the machine.

Integrated Ideas

External Collets

Part Handling

The control of precious metal chips is critical to a cost effective jewelry operation.

RINGTECH offers 2 choices. a simple quick change pan utilizing filter material to separate the chips and dust from coolant or a fixed sloped chip pan with a separate exterior settling tank that provides a secondary trap for fine chips. This pan also uses filter paper for primary chip control

Stainless Steel Chip Pan with Liner

Ring Catcher

 Part Conveyor System

For Blanks

Stainless Steel Chip Pan

Material handling is a critical component in machining precious metals. The vertical tool design provides a natural gravity system that allows chips to fall into the filter lined chip pans.

The filter material is easily removed from the pan to allow reclamation of the precious metal chips. Manufactured from food grade stainless steel these pans will never rust and allow a clean environment for maximum chip containment and recycling.

The Adaptable Spindleoption was designed to meet the needs of the jewelry industry specifically.

The need to run all operations on 1 machine required us to design this innovative solution. Available for 5C & 16C spindles.

Quickly swap from outside operations to inside operations or making rings from tube. We manufacturer all ourcolletsto guarantee quality & accuracy.

Integrated Ideas

Part handling is critical to the machining operation in precious metals. We have developed a method of band handling that transports the band from the tube cutoff to a receiving area outside the machine envelope that protects the finished band.

Using all stainless steel construction reduces the possibility of part contamination and eases clean up of metal chips.

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