The Turret can be added to an RTL-2000 to expand the turning tool capabilities.

With 20 tool positions additional millgrain tools, diamond form tools and special shape tooling ca be used for face grooving and notch grooving eternity bands.

From work holding to part management, from turning operations to milling operations, each step of the process is an integral part of the overall concept.

At RingTech we use standalone building blocks so that you can have a customized machine to meet your jewelry manufacturing needs.


The Gang Slide provides space for the drilling tool holders. When machining hard materials,

  • Cobalt Chrome
  • Titanium
  • Stainless Steel
  • Inconel
  • Zirconium

Tool Changer

The 18 position tool changer can be used on RTL-3000 & RTL-4000 machines. This fully integrated carousel can accommodate the smallest endmill or drill, or hold a 50mm diameter facet cutter.

Servo driven, the tools are indexed into position in the blink of an eye, loading a new tool into the spindle so that you have the right tool to perform delicate machining.

No more limitations on 3 or 4 tools that have to perform beyond their capacity, you can select the right tool for the operation.

Creative Tooling Solutions

Probing System

When machining blanks, the starting location is critical to accurate operation, our probing system accurately locates the exact position of the blank