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Total Control Environment

20 M/Min Rapids

0-6000 rpm in 0.5 sec

Micron Precision

The RTL machines are designed specifically for jewelry manufacturing. They are precise, high speed, and can handle the rigors of high volume production, while producing a high quality end product. 


Vertical Design


The vertical design allows metal chips to flow down into the chip collection container. This enables easy clean out, quick changes of material, and less material loss.


The ergonomic location of the machine table allows easy access to tooling and ease of use for operators, when changing tools or loading and unloading tubing or blanks.


Extreme Accuracy


High accuracy results from the combination of high quality machine components and servo systems working together to position the tools. We use aged meehanite castings for machine construction, oversized headstock casting for spindle location, and NSK linear rails and ball screws for motion delivery systems. Coupled with the FAGOR DDS Sercos (fiber optically linked) servo system, the RTL machines provide speed and tolerance control when critical parts are machined.


All of this combines for accurate ring to ring size and weight, even in high volume production. When milling designs or drilling stone locations or both, this accuracy provides the quality look and consistency only machined bands can provide.


High Speed


The RTL's are fast, reducing cycle times and lowering cost per ring. Our methods lower the production time of finished bands making them instantly ready for setting and polishing. Our RingTurn v6 software with on computer storage of programs enables the operator to store unlimited programs and quickly set-up for short-run production.


Space Efficient


The RTL machines are unique to the machining industry, as they are powerful machines with a small footprint. At only 61 inches long, 48 inches deep, and 72 inches high, an RTL can easily fit into any shop floor space. RTL's are feature-rich, high speed, extremely accurate, quality machining centers that take up very little space. 


Total Control Environment