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The indicator can be set to zero from the gage pin and can be used to accurately measure wall thickness.

This is the screen that is used for tool presetting.

  • Enter the tool number to set

  • Enter the presetter value

  • Adjust the tool diameter

Tool Presetter

A flat indicator anvil allows a wide range of tool to be set.

With a tool clamp built into the base our presetter allows you to set tools and tighten in one operation. 

The indicator can be set to zero and shows amount of change from zero in inch or  mm's

A tolerance can be set to allow a max - min position.

Miniature end mills and drills pose special problems with handling and tool setting.

These tools can be damaged while tool setting by touching off the workpiece.

Our Tool length presetter allows tools to be set outside the machine, and with a simple input into the control the tool length offset can be set.

HSK 25E Tool Presetter & Wall Thickness Gage