Ringtech manufactures all of our offset straight collets in the USA

Our collets sets are produced in US & Letter sizes in 1/2 size increments.


  • Width is 8mm (custom widths can be made)
  • Offset collets can be made to any offset
  • All collets are engraved for size & offset (specify offset amount)
  • All collets are marked for high side
  • Internal bore is 12mm for standard collet arbors
  • minimum ring size is US 4 (Depending on amount of offset)
  • Maximum ring size is US 17.5, Letter size is Z+8
  • CNC made so all dimensions are accurate for repeatability
  • Length is 25.4mm
  • All 6 slots are drilled at the slot end to prevent cracking
  • Made from brass for durability
  • Each collet set has a powder coated collet rack provided

Internal Holding Straight Collets with Offset Center


US 1/2 size set has 28 collets (4-17) $795.00

Letter 1/2 Size set has 60 collets  (E-Z+8) $1,680.00