Coolant Oil Skimmer

Available on new machines.

This coolant skimmer is available as an option on all new machines.

When purchased with a new machine the power supply is integrated into the machine and a cnc controlled timer can set the run duration of the skimmer.

Coolant management is an integral part of a whole machine maintenance program.

Our coolant oil skimmer provides a solution to way lube oil contamination of the machine coolant & tank.


  • Integrated into the coolant pump tank system.
  • 110v plug connects to side power port.
  • Constant use rating for continuous operation.
  • Made in America.

Simple Installation to existing machines.

‚ÄčRemove 4 8mm bolts that secure coolant pump to plate.

Remove 4 5mm bolts that secure plate to box.

Lift pump out of the plate cutout.

Remove plate & mesh panel.

Replace plate with new cover plate.

Attached skimmer with 2 M6 bolts.

Secure plate with 4 M5 bolts.

Place motor in to cover plate.

Secure with 4 M8 bolts.

Plug the skimmer into 110v outlet on the machine