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CNC machines for efficient wedding ring production

The Ring Maker

The Ringtech RING MAKER takes us back to our roots in band manufacturing.

  • A small footprint lathe equipped with a 16 position turret based on our proven RTL-2000 turret design.

  • The FAGOR 8037 CNC controller utilizing our V6 turning software.

  • 5C main spindle with our adaptable spindle tooling for tube or blanks.

  • Small footprint, only 1.2M x 1M 

  • Can be moved in an elevator, Only 1100kg

  • Using 220v 3 phase power for small shop Accessibility.

  • Can have our Ringtech tube feeder interfaced for tube operations.

  • Ring Catcher, part control with part catcher.

  • Easy clean out chip pans for chip removal & control.