This video showcases the flexibility of the RTL-4000 making internal holding collets.

Machining Videos

This video highlights the probing features of the RTL range of machines. The probe integrates the machine work and programming to seamlessly join features, making the operation of the machine much easier.

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They show different applications of our equipment and display the different type of operations that can be accomplished.

This video shows the RTL 2000 machining a standard mill grained ring in real time from tubing. Increases the speed and consistency of a wedding band operation.

This video is from Violi in Italy, a great draw bench solution.


Watch the RTL 4000 4 axis wedding band machine in action. Used by some of top jewelry manufacturers in the world. When you are making mens wedding rings, titanium rings, gold or silver jewelry this machine can solve your manufacturing bottlenecks.  

Watch the machining of Damascus steel on an RTL-2000

We can turn & mill Titanium. 

This video shows the engraving capabilities.

The G code was generated by Gibbs Cam.

This video shows that the RTL-4000 isn't just for wedding bands. It can be used to machine many different types of parts.

This video shows the RingTech RTL machine engraving, drilling and milling 50,000rpm spindle and 10 position tool changer with Y axis.

This video shows a wide view when machining a Titanium Ring from solid bar.

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This video showcases the ability to combine multiple operations in 1 program to make complex stone set rings.

This example is of an 11 stone Hi Lo eternity band.

This video shows the custom collet solutions for wedding band manufacturing. It holds 3 types of material: tubing, blanks, and outside collets. Changeover in just 2 minutes.

This video shows examples of drilling speeds and feeds for pave style rings. 1 mm drill, 3,000 to 30,000 rpm spindle.

This video shows 3 axis milling in X, Z & C axes simultaneously. The end mill is maintaining a constant depth as it follows the dome radius and ring.


This is the RTL-4000 18 position bi-directional servo driven tool changer for automatic operation with the 30,000rpm 2kw live spindle. 18 tools allow even the most complex rings to be produced. This RTL-4000 is a 3 axis machine, Y axis is available.